Snow, and More Snow!

I don’t know if you have heard, but we have some snow in New England.  I don’t know it if is really “historic”, but there is certainly a lot!  We have had plenty of snow days and shoveling.  The kids have made the best of both outside play and stuck inside time.  Snowboarding, sledding, skating, and snow fort building, and even shoveling have been fun activities outside.  Inside has also seen fort building, sock puppets, many games (of which Hearts is now a favorite), and plenty of arts and crafts.


Girl Ice Day

Last Friday, Josie and Lily and I headed to the ice for one last gorgeous day of ice skating.  The sun was shining, the ice was smooth, and we skated and played for hours.  We had the entire lake to ourselves.  It was such a special time for us to spend together and it was truly a magical day.

Ice Jumper Part 2

Finn really likes to work on jumping when skating on our little rink.  Well, it was only a matter of time before Josette joined in….

Skiing Josie

I am terribly behind in my posts.  These photos are from a little while ago when Josie wanted to give cross country skiing a try.  She did great.  We went through the back woods quite a ways and she is keen to go again.

Scenes from Ice Fishing

I realized I haven’t posted any of our grand ice fishing adventures yet.  And, whew, there have been several since the pond froze.  It becomes a weekly activity this time of year.  The guys drill the holes and set up the traps.  There is skating and sledding and then you hear the yell, “FLAG!”, and everyone goes racing out to the trap to pull the fish.  Then, it is back to the ice shenanigans or stopping for some cocoa or hot dogs by the fire, and then “FLAG!” and the race begins again.  It is just about the best way to spend a Saturday in January in NH!

The Artist’s Workshop

Finn’s school has a wonderful art program.  I remember being very impressed the when I got a tour of the art studios.  After Christmas, Finn was very excited to bring home a sample of his portfolio to date.  Included was a lovely letter outlining the teaching philosophy in the art studio that reinforced my initial impressions.  I loved looking through the art that Finn brought home.  It seems to include a lot of pictures of home and family as well as some wonderful dreams of rockets, and pirates and rainbows in the sky.

Ice Jumper

Well, after just a few days of practicing ice skating, Finn decided he needed to take it to the next level and start catching air.  And, he just keeps landing on his feet!


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