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Well, just as I was getting back into the habit of blogging, I reached my free space limit on wordpress and I am unable to load more pictures.  So, here I sit and think about the role of this blog in our lives and if it is something I would like to continue.  I am hesitant to give it up as I love going back and looking at our activities during each season of past years, but I wonder if I will continue to maintain the blog as we grow and get busier.  What do you think, my readers?  Are you still visiting?  Still interested in peaking in on our adventures?

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Mother’s Day was projected to be 85 degrees.  Ever since ice out, the kiddos have been wanting to go swimming.  We have been hesitant to test the water temp, but we decided to go for it this weekend.  We packed a picnic and headed to the pond.  The water temp was actually refreshing in the heat and we spent much of the day swimming, kayaking, and fishing.  Then, we headed home and roasted hot dogs over the fire outside.  What a contrast to the winter weather we thought would never ever leave us.  I was filled with love throughout the day and feeling so blessed to be the mama to these energetic, funny, generous and loving kids.  Happy Mother’s Day!

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We celebrated Josie’s fourth birthday this weekend and it was an absolutely gorgeous day.  She had been anticipating her birthday for quite awhile as she watched many of her friends at school turn 4 before her.  She was counting the days and she was very specific of what she would like for her party:  a party dress, streamers, and a pinata – but, NO BALLOONS, because balloons pop! We were so lucky to have gorgeous weather to enjoy an outdoor butterfly garden party.  The kids got to run and play outdoors for the whole afternoon. It was a joy to watch Josie have so much fun with her cousins and friends.  I am certain that four is going to be filled with fun!

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