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I have been absent from this blog for quite a while, and I am sorry I have let it lapse.  This blog has always just been a space where I have chronicled our adventures big and small and highlighted the joyful moments in our life for family and friends near and far.  This past February, we took off on another wonderful adventure to Phoenix and Mexico to celebrate a wedding and spend time with family and I looked forward to sharing the pictures and our fun times on this blog.  However, soon after our return from that trip, my grandmaman, Josette, passed away.  I haven’t been in an emotional place to express my sadness and my love for this incredible woman, and yet I felt it wrong to go on blogging about our joyful times when this undercurrent of grief has been with me.  I am still completely lacking the words to do justice to the depth of my love and to adequately describe the role that Grandmaman Josette had in shaping who I am and how much she has inspired me.  She was a woman completely full of a love of life – so full of joy and faith and grace and humor.  A celebration of her life was held in Mexico this past weekend and while we couldn’t attend, we had a some lovely moments spent remembering her here, and so I suppose it right to recognize her in this space too and begin our chronicles of life and love and adventure again.


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