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Fort Building

Josette and Finn received fort building kits for Christmas.  They also got some new sleeping bags.  So, everyday has brought us a new iteration of a fort and much lounging in the sleeping bags book reading and coloring.  I am loving these lazy days of vacation!


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Christmas was filled with love and joy.  We all delighted in giving and receiving and being with our family and friends.  I wasn’t great at taking pictures this year, but here are a few of our day.

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Teacher Gifts

Teacher gifts are tricky business in my mind.  First, I really want to get my kiddos teachers a gift to let them know I am thinking about them and appreciate their amazingly hard work.  Second, I know they are going to be overwhelmed with gifts from all the children and much of it will be home-baked sweets, so I want to do something a little different.  Yet, third, each of my kiddos has 4 teachers, so you have to think of something that won’t break the bank.  Thank goodness for my hero over at soulemama as I remembered she did some tea cup candles one year and I thought they were darling.  A trip to goodwill found some sweet vintage tea cups for under two bucks each.  Finn had a lot of fun chopping up the wax and helping me melt it.  We added a bit of lavender essential oil and some calming blue color and tada, 8 teacher gifts in a very short time.  My favorite part though was watching Finn write out his Christmas cards.  In one card, completely unprompted, he wrote, “I love school.”  Watching the development of literacy is amazing.

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DSCN0825 DSCN0828 DSCN0829

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Winter Concert

Finn’s school had a kindergarten through third grade Winter Concert and Finn performed 3 festive songs with his fellow kindergarteners.  He was a bit nervous, but once on stage he sang with gusto.  The gathering was packed with people so the pictures are a little far away.  See if you can spot Finn in the middle row, second from the end on the right.

DSCN0823 DSCN0818

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Josette participated in her first dance recital last Thursday night.  She had two numbers with a snowman theme.  It was a lovely performance in our town hall and she was thrilled to be in front of a crowd.

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Oh, Christmas Tree

Last weekend, we made the trek to the White Mountains for our annual hunt for the perfect Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  We found a great one this year and had a nice hike through the snow to get it.  We promptly took it home and overburdened it with lots of ornaments.  It is a joyful little tree.  I don’t know if you recall last year when the kids made snowflake ornaments out of wagon wheel pasta, copious amounts of glue and a good shake of glitter?  Well, we decided to hang those on the tree this year too.  Well, our sweet looking labrador (see how innocent she appears with Josie) decided to eat those ornaments, which actually consisted of her taking them off of the tree and crunching them all over the floor.  You would think after one, she wouldn’t have gone back for more, but, oh, she is no quitter!  She got every last one, but at least she kept the tree standing and plenty more handmade ornaments have been added to the lovely branches!

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