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First Snow

We had a first sighting of the white stuff last Friday.  Finn got ready in record time so he could play with his new snowball launcher before school.  It is a pretty fun device, I must say.  When Josie woke up and saw the snow, she immediately asked if we could go sledding, and skiing, and snowshoeing and ice skating.  We settled on trying to sled a little.  There was just enough to slide down the hill.  The snow has since melted and we are enjoying icy rain today, yuck!  I say bring on the snow, we are ready!

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Scoot, Scoot!

Finn got a scooter for his birthday and as you can see, he is very proud.  It is great because now that Josette has been using his bike to practice, they can chase each other on wheels.  As you can imagine, there were a lot of fun shenanigans on Fifield Road.  Finn was also kind enough to share his scooter with all of us so we can attest it is crazy fun.  And Lily went a little nuts too!

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Happy Halloween

Iron Man and Wonder Woman (and whatever Sean is) roamed the streets of Deerfield on Halloween night keeping us all safe from the ghouls and goblins!

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