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We have become known in the neighborhood for our love of collecting food and one of our neighbors called us up last weekend to let us know that she was overloaded with chestnuts and we were welcome to as much as we wanted from her yard.  So, the kids and I went collecting on a beautiful fall morning.  We now have plenty of chestnuts to roast through the holiday season.  We took advantage of our neighbors big field to fly some kites after the chestnut collecting.  We then strolled home and decided our yard needed a scarecrow for a seasonal decoration.  The kids thought it was pretty fun to stuff old pants and put everything together for our happy scarecrow.

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A Day in Salem

October in New England can be a bit spooky.  They take Halloween seriously around here.  And, for the spookiest town around, we headed to Salem, MA (the witch city) with Bubbles.  It is pretty low key during the day, but we had a very fun time walking the red line tour path in town and seeing the historical sites.  Josette came with us, so we didn’t go on any of the ghost tours, but we did see a reenactment in the middle of the street and we enjoyed the shops and atmosphere.

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Finn had Columbus Day off from school, so we decided to take Bubbles on an adventure to the Squam Lake Science Center.  It is a beautiful center with lots of animals, informational areas and nice hiking trails.  We had a lovely time exploring and then heading to a lunch spot on the lake.

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Art with Bubbles

We had the most wonderful two weeks with Bubbles visiting.  It was fun-filled and we were busy every single moment (which is why the blog has been a bit quiet!).  Of course, when you have a professional artist in the house, you put her to work!  Josette very much benefited from learning new watercolor techniques.  And, I think Bubbles learned a bit about bedazzling pumpkins from Josette.  Win-win!

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Josie’s Dance Class

Josette began requesting going to a dance class several months ago.  Our parks and rec began offering a “creative dance” for 2-3 year-olds, so Josette has finally gotten her request.  She is very much enjoying it, and as you can see by the pictures, it is most definitely creative.  We are eagerly anticipating her first recital in December.

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Fall Leaves

Leaves are falling and we must play….


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