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The Fair

We had a gorgeous weekend for the 138th annual Deerfield Fair.  It is a big deal around here with lots and lots of anticipation as the fair approaches.  The kids don’t have school on the Friday of the fair (it runs Thursday through Sunday).  So, we got there early on Friday and immersed ourselves in everything Fair: farm animals, rides, fried dough, and ridiculously giant vegetables.  This is definitely one our favorite yearly holidays!

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Garden Wrap-up

I haven’t posted about the garden for quite a while.  We are wrapping almost everything up now that Fall has arrived.  We have been saucing tomatoes and picking peppers and making salsa.  We have had a surprisingly wonderful eggplant crop this year.  We dug up a little over 50 lbs of potatoes and cured and stored them in our basement (aka root cellar).  We picked most of our winter squash and we decided to harvest the giant sunflowers.  The kids had a blast trying to pull down the stalks to get to the flowers.  We have some fall peas growing and I am hoping my fall beets will amount to something.  We need to get to preparing the beds for winter.  All in all, a great garden this year.

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Pedal Power

Josie has been wanting to try out a pedal bike for quite awhile.  Really, anything her big brother does is something she wants to do.  Yesterday, Sean got home a little early and we had the rare time with both of us alone with Josie while Finn was at school.  So, we decided to give the Finn’s bike a try.  Josie has been quite comfortable balancing on the balance bike for some time now.  She took quite quickly to pedaling and balancing.  There were a few spills, but she kept right up trying and trying again until she was pedaling down the road and even up inclines.  We do a lot of super hero play and coming up with different types of powers.  She was thrilled to  have pedal power!

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Finn’s Blog

Finn’s kindergarten class has a quite an online presence.  They have a website and blogs and twitter accounts.  They often skype with classrooms around the world.  It is pretty cool stuff.  I went to a curriculum night for parents last week and the teacher described how she uses these tools to promote reading and writing.  She mentioned that each child has a blog and they will write and interact with people who comment on the blog, and she asked that we send the blog to other people important in the child’s life.  So, my blogging online friends.  Will you please on occasion check in to Finn’s blog and leave a comment?  This week, they were asked to draw in their journal a “hope” for the year.  Check Finn’s out!

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Kindergarten Soccer

Friday nights are soccer nights for Finn.  I was hesitant to sign up for soccer on top of all the newness of kindergarten, but Finn really wanted to do it.  I am glad we did, because although we are truly exhausted after our first full week of school, he absolutely loves it.  And, while these pictures don’t show it, there is a huge number of people with their kids on the soccer fields.  Lots of new friends from Finn’s class are involved and people we know around town are there.  It is quite the social event.  There are four kindergarten teams and a preschool team that practices on Friday nights.  It is a bit of madness, but a lot of fun.  And, now, we really are exhausted!

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Last Thursday, Josette had her first day of preschool.  She has been eager to go to school since dropping and picking up Finn all last year.  She finally gets to go and she has Finn’s old teacher and classroom.  She is very excited and happy to go, although now she often asks when she gets to go to kindergarten with Finn.  Oh, it isn’t easy to be a little sister and always looking up to the big one.  The week prior to her starting we had a visitation day for both parents and kids to explore the classroom.  She couldn’t understand why I was still there.  No pining away for home from this little one.  It does tug on my heart quite a bit to see her just run off and embrace the world with not much of a look back.  In fact, every day that Finn runs up the stairs of the bus, and every time I say good bye to Josie, there is that little tug and that background worry while they are gone.  I am afraid I have finally had the epiphany that this is not something that ever goes away.  It completely floors me, this intensity of love in motherhood.  I was completely unprepared for this emotion, but wow do I feel so blessed.  And, the smiles and the stories and the powerful hugs when they come home makes me realize that this is their foundation.  What exciting times these are.

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Sean’s New Ride

Sean got a new (to him) 2010 Royal Enfield.  Obviously, the kids will be driving it soon enough.  Luckily, they have the proper head protection.  Josie is channeling Jack Nicholson.

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