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July Garden

I am very pleased with the garden so far.  July has brought a lot of rain and plenty of heat and sun, making the plants grow and grow.  I am always making notes of things I will do differently next year, but also I am noting things I am going to do the same.  I am so pleased with the cold tolerant veggies that are coming along: chard, kale, broccoli, cabbage are all beautiful right now.  The peas are still coming, but slowing down in the heat.  It may be about time to take them down and plant another round.  Tomatoes are looking good, although I fear we may have some blight.  Hopefully the fruit can grow and ripen before the plants succum.  My three sisters garden is a mess, a few chickens got out and dust bathed in it and dug up some plants.  Then, some heavy rains challenged the corn.  Then, the beans are growing faster than the corn and wrapping themselves around anything.  Still, it is growing and we should get somthing out of it.  My garlic is slumping, but the carrots look good.  We have had some squash bug eggs but I have been able to stay on top of them.  Japanese beetles are everywhere, but not causing too much damage yet.  Colorado potato bugs are also hungry.  But our potatoes and squash are still looking great.  Knock on wood we can keep on top of it all.  How does your garden grow right now?

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Blueberry Town

This weekend, we went exploring to find our wild blueberry patch in Bear Brook State Park.  It is about a mile hike in and across Bear Brook to a gorgeous area we have dubbed Blueberry Town.  Big, juicy, ripe blueberries everywhere you look.  We walked out of there with 2 quarts, not counting that in our bellies (and goodness knows Lily “the vaccuum” collected a lot!)  And, what to do with a plethora of blueberries on a Sunday afternoon?  Make a pie!  We will definitely be visiting this spot every weekend until they are gone!

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Swim Lessons

We finished up 2 weeks of swim lessons last week.  It was some fun times heading to the lake everyday.  We lucked out with great weather everyday.  Josette joined the preschool class this year.  She was one of the youngest kids in the class, but she did really well.  Finn joined level 1 and did brilliantly.  Last year, Finn was hesitant to put his face in the water.  This year, he wouldn’t do it the first day, but then the second day he did it and that was that.  Josette was always excited to play the games the instructor introduced and she told me, “I use both my arms and legs so I won’t drown.”  She is incredibly matter-of-fact about all things.  Each class lasted a 1/2 hour, but then we would spend another couple of hours playing in the water and digging and building in the sand.  There were plenty of friends to play with that we knew from around town, quite the social event really.  I am so grateful for the community here.

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Fourth Camping

We went camping over the Fourth of July weekend.  We headed up to the White Mountains and the Pemigewasset Wilderness.  It was absolutely beautiful.  We camped right near the river and there was lots of fishing and swimming.  We camped with our dear friends and neighbors and we took up three large campsites.  They had a pretty posh setup.  We had a bit of rain, but nothing uncomfortable.  We had a bear come through, but it was after the kids and I had retired to the tent.  It was all very exciting.  We did really well and I see lots of camping in our future!

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June Garden

These pictures are from a couple of weeks ago showing our mid-June garden.  It has grown a lot since then, and I will try to get our July garden posted soon.  We have been enjoying plenty of greens and peas lately.  The kids eat peas daily right out of the garden and I am so glad I planted so much.  We have been enjoying basil and cilantro which are growing well this year.  The tomatoes are popping out.  We have lots of eggplant flowers.  We have had a nice mix of rain and sun.  It is all looking pretty good.  In previous years, I have started seeds too early so this year, I was determined not to do that.  Unfortunately, I worry I waited too late.  I do hope everything grows quickly and catches up to some of the gardens I see around me.  I am trying to stay on top of weeding and knock on wood there haven’t been too many pests.  I fear the squash bugs every year.  How is everyone’s garden growing?

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