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Just another summer day on a gorgeous lake in NH…

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Strawberry Season

Pick-your-own strawberries kicks off the berry picking season!  Oh, nothing beats sun-warmed ripe berries picked and eaten in the fields.  Then, nothing beats strawberry pancakes and strawberry waffles with strawberry syrup, and strawberry custard pie, and strawberries on cereal and yogurt, and handfuls of strawberries plucked off the counter every you pass them, and stocking the pantry with the first of the 2014 preserves: strawberry rhubarb jam, elegant oven strawberry jam, and margarita strawberry jam.

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Slide + sprinkler + kid pool = fun

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Giant Bubbles

We have been having a lot of fun with giant bubbles lately.  I made a big batch of bubbles with dish detergent, corn syrup, and then I found some directions on making a giant bubble wand with sticks and string.  It has become an everyday activity.  Who can be grumpy with giant bubbles floating around?  We are loving summer!

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Preschool Party

On Wednesday, we celebrated the end of the year with Finn’s preschool class as a picnic in the park.  They did such a nice job including parachute play, an obstacle course, making a name necklace and lots of food and fun.  Josette and I attended and Josette was in the mix of everything.  She didn’t hesitate to jump right into the class photo with her big brother.  She will be starting 2 days a week in the Fall with these teachers so it is nice to see how comfortable she is in this environment.  As for Finn, it was great to see him running around with his friends and thinking about how much he has grown in this past year.  It was also nice for me to chat with other parents and realize I am not the only one completely filled with pride and love and a fountain of emotion at these milestones.  Well done, Finn!2014-06-18 00.52.58 2014-06-17 23.17.10 2014-06-17 23.20.49


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KindergartenVisitFinn had his last day of preschool yesterday.  He celebrates with the class tomorrow for a picnic in the park.  Last Friday, we attended Kindergarten visitation day.  They did a very nice job of it.  We got to practice riding the bus with all the other kids and Finn thought that was the best thing ever.  He got to ride with his friends and they were all clearly feeling quite cool.

This mama has been a bit of an emotional wreck.  I got teary on the bus.  Then, yesterday when Finn showed me all of his final school work and projects, I got teary.  Then, when I was telling Sean about it all last night, I started full out waterworks.  Oh my, perhaps I will get it out of my system before he even sets foot in kindergarten!  Heck, I am getting teary just writing this post.  I had no idea what a huge milestone this is.  I am so very proud of this sweet kid and I recognize what a blessing it is to watch him grow (even if I kinda want to freeze time).  Oh, the adventures to come…

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Chicken News

Our hens got a new expanded run this year to give them plenty of range, but keep them out of my garden (they can really do some damage).  Finn and Josie love it because it is really big and gives them plenty of space to play with the chickens.  When they are in there terrorizing playing with the chickens, I get lots of weeding and gardening done.  They play the most fascinating of games with these birds.  One of them is “flight school”, where they try to teach them to fly.  Another is just regular “school”, where they tell the chickens it is time for school and try to get them into the coop.  They also play a lot of chicken superhero.  And, then, Josie also likes to play “little sister” where one of the chickens is her little sister that she has to take care of.  They also spend of lot of time bringing the chickens food and scraps and finding them grub treats, so I guess it is a win-win for all involved and the chickens keep coming back for more.  We are in lots and lots and lots of eggs.  Quiche, frittatas, french toast, scrambled eggs, popovers, custard, lemon curd, angel food cake….what are your favorite egg recipes?

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