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On Saturday, we had some serious family celebration time with a birthday party for Gracie followed by the annual cousin Easter egg hunt/Chinese Food Eggstravaganza!  Josette was thrilled to get fancy in an Easter dress.  There was ziplining at the birthdya party.  There were 7 excited kids running through the woods for eggs.  There was some cutthroat wiffle ball.  There was a feast of chinese food.  There was joy and exhaustion.  Just another wonderful gathering of family!

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Coloring Eggs

Luckily, we had plenty of eggs for coloring and I took the easy route and bought a couple of commercial egg dye kits one night after work.  I planned on surprising the kiddos with the kits after Finn went to school the next day.  Well, in our frantic morning of getting Finn to school on time, I forgot to move the two dozen eggs I had planned on the kids coloring off of the counter.  Can anyone guess what happened?  No one can be certain, but the only one left in the house was our labrador.  The floor strewn with little bits of egg shell seems to suggest Lily might have eaten two dozen eggs, mostly including shells.  Alas, we had to wait until the end of the day and our generous chickens provided us with a dozen more and we were able to get our Easter Eggs all colored and decorated.  One of the kits was a magic glitter egg kit and I think the magic is in the longevity and pervasiveness of the glitter.

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Easter Egg Banner

Easter snuck right up on us this year and took me by surprise.  We rallied the week before by making an Easter Egg banner from foam.

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We have had a rare day today with a high of 75 and lots of sunshine.  It is forecast to get chilly again tomorrow, so we decided to embrace the day with a picnic.  Josette and I picked Finn up from school with the intention of going to the playground and enjoying lunch.  On our way to the playground, we decided to head into Bear Brook State park instead.  There is a playground are there, too, but the pond and beach called to us and we had a lovely noon time eating and building sand castles and dipping feet in the water.  Or in Finn’s case, going in quite a ways.  You can tell it was warm as Josette kept shedding her clothes.  It was spectacular because we were there by ourselves and it was so peaceful.  I couldn’t stop taking photos as the kids just embraced the beach.  What a great forecast to the amazing summer we are going to have.

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T-Rex to Tea



Sometimes, the best thing to do on a morning when your big brother is at school and your mama is extra tired is to go to the dollar store, buy the scary hair extensions and the sparkly necklaces and the plastic tea set and all the dinosaurs, then go home and have a Princess-hosted dinosaur tea party.

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Cut shapes out of foam.  Dip in water.  Press onto window.  Instant decorations and they last for a couple of days before falling off and you can do it all over again.

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Mud Season

This week began with a lot of rain and massive snow thawing, which led to a lot of mud.  Fun, splashy, messy, mucky mud!  Ah, spring in NH!

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