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Finn and I made popcicle stick bows and arrows the other day and they were super fun.  They are very easy to do and those little q-tip arrows can fly across the room.  Finn struggled at times getting the tiny arrows lined up, but he spent quite awhile lining up various toys as targets and trying to shoot them off a block tower.  After a while the dental floss that we used got a bit stretched out, so they didn’t last past the day, but we will certainly make these again in the future.

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Well let the wild winter wind bellow and blow
I’m as warm as a July tomato

~Greg Brown, Canned Goods

Oh, how the wind has been blowing here, but gardening season is just around the corner.  Last week, we used the last can of tomato pasta sauce that we made and canned with our garden fresh tomatoes last summer.  We really did well with our canned goods this year, but clearly, we could have used a few more months worth of salsa, pasta sauce, and pizza sauce.  We still have some sundried tomatoes in the freezer along with nasturtium pesto, so our pasta nights will still be dressed with our garden produce.  We are on the last of our winter squash and we still have some frozen green beans.  But, the 2013 garden harvest has dwindled and I am looking forward to this year’s growing season.  I want to go bigger and better, as always.  I really want to be successful with some of the cold weather crops like cabbage and kale.  I want to do better with herbs this year too.  Last year, I felt like I just flew by the seat of my pants with the planting and I would like to be more deliberate and organized this year.  Everyone in the house got to pick one plant that they really wanted to grow.  Finn requested tons of shelling peas, his favorite, so every plot is going to have a row of shelling peas running down the middle.   We also found some blue podded peas that we are excited to see grow.  Josette was swayed by the beautiful pictures of purple beans.  Sean asked for giant sunflowers.  And, of course, I get to pick everything else, but my one whimsical plant to try this year is the ground cherry.  We ordered all of our seeds from rareseeds.com this year.  I was so impressed with the few seed packets we got from them last year.  Coinciding with our last can of tomato sauce, the seeds arrived in the mail last week and we got to planting our first round.  I found some indoor greenhouse shelves at Ocean State Job lots and so we have that in the window.  I also saw a fun pinterest tip on keeping seeds organized; put them in a photo album.  They fit perfectly into the slots.  I used an online seed calculator to quickly get a timeline for starting seeds indoors and out and when to transplant.  I can’t wait to start posting my weekly gardening updates.

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Spring in NH

We are seeing some initial signs of spring.  We had a nice walk in the woods this weekend.  There are signs of sugaring everywhere.  The snow is melting and the creeks are opening up.  Sean has brought out his fly rod.  Lily is swimming.  This snow and cold just can’t hang on too much longer.

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Cloud Dough

I know I have posted about cloud dough before.  Of all the pinterest sensory ideas we have tried, this is by far my favorite.  Based on time of play, it also is a major kiddo favorite.  With yet another snowstorm headed our way, I went all out and got a larger rubber maid and some fun beach toys to make up a big batch (3x the recipe) of cloud dough.  I used scented baby oil this time and it is so pleasant.  I really enjoy playing with it with the kids.  Finn likes to incorporate his super heroes and Josette likes to make things like fairy pancakes.  I like to build castles that they can demolish.  I highly recommend this stuff.  It will last for quite a long time in the rubbermaid too, we just throw all the beach toys in and pop on the lid, slide it under the bed until next time.

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Pendulum Painting

We tried out pendulum painting with tinker toys yesterday.  We didn’t have all the stuff from the original post, and we were running a bit low on tinker toy pieces, but we managed to cobble together a very fun craft.  I didn’t bother drilling holes into a paint bottle; tape and a piper cleaner worked perfectly and a binder clip made for quick color change.  It  was messy and at one point, Finn and Josie decided kicking the dangling paint bottle and having a paint fight was the most fun aspect (these things always devolve, don’t they?)  But it was filled with giggles, so who can complain?  It was definitely worth it and the fridge is decorated with some cool art.

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Color Cars

A quick and fun activity; tape markers to the back of cars and let the driving and drawing commence.

March 2014 004

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No matter the season, one constant in this house is experimentation in the kitchen.  Whenever I am in doubt for what to do, I turn to the pantry to see what we can mix up.  I have always tried to include the kids in cooking and now it is really fun to watch as they become more and more independent in cooking on their own.  For instance, Finn has shown a lot of interest in cooking with heat at the stove.  I have tried to encourage this as much as possible while promoting safety and he has gotten quite good at making his own scrambled eggs.  Josette is often asking to do things all on her own and can whip up some great muffins with minimal assistance in measuring the ingredients.  She is also my helper when it comes to making dinner and helped me make tortillas the other night.  I look forward to the day they come up with their own meals!

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