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Finn has become as much of a Pinterest junkie as I am.  He likes to scroll through and find projects to do.  I am glad that he is proactively seeking out stuff to do, but on the other hand it can be difficult when he sees extravagant projects  for which we don’t have any of the materials.  He is drawn to the messy stuff though and when he saw a magic milk and foaming experiment, he was very excited when I said sure, we have everything needed to do it.  We had tried the magic milk thing maybe a year ago and I didn’t remember it working very well.  Luckily, this time around it worked really well and Finn and Josie were happy to watch the swirling colors when they dipped in their “rainbow wand.”  Then, we added the baking soda/vinegar combo to much delight over the foam.  Unfortunately, I made the mistake of asking if they were ready for the explosion and Finn was a bit disappointed there wasn’t a really explosion.  Maybe he wanted the whole roof to come off.  Alas, the “experiment” quickly became just some messy fun of putting pirates and police and princesses into the remaining goop and playing.  A good afternoon in this wretched cold (seriously, I clearly need some spring)!


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Dance Party

Despite being a bit cooped up this time of year, we are getting our energy out in plenty of creative ways.  When in doubt, turn on some music and get moving!

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Snow Building

I haven’t been very diligent in posting this week.  It is February vacation week.  In NH, they have a February Winter Break and a Spring Break in April.  It seems to me to be some ridiculous dare for people to find someway to entertain themselves in frigid temperatures when they are already VitD deprived and cranky and then extend school well into beautiful June, but who am I to mess with New England tradition?  I am told it is a construct to help fund ski areas.  Alas, maybe in the coming years, we will utilize the ski areas and enjoy it.  But right now, I am a bit cranky and feeling tired of trying to convince kiddos it really is fun out there in the 20 degree, windy and icy terrain.

So, for now, lets embrace some pictures from this weekend when the weather teased us by warming to the 40s and making the snow perfect for building snow men and snow forts.  Finn actually dug out this snow fort completely on is own.  More snow is projected on the horizon for this weekend.  Maybe it will cover the icy mess we have now after the thaw and refreeze and we can embrace more snow for this final push of winter.

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Are you tired of yet another blog post of us trudging through the snow?  I was feeling pretty darn tired of the snow itself as another storm rolled in.  But, then, it started falling so softly and beautifully and coated everything in sparkling white and I can’t help but love it.  So, we all headed out for another snowshoe in some pretty deep powder with flakes falling all around us.  As some kiddo incentive, we packed a thermos of cocoa this time to share when we got to “the rock.”  We had a lovely time climbing and rolling in the snow and playing hide and seek in the woods.  I am still hopeful that we are getting to the end of the super snowy winter and spring will spring soon, but alas it is February and we might as well embrace it while it is here.

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Maine Ice Fishing

Uncle Jonny was running a fun-filled ice fishing day in Maine yesterday and we all went up to join in.  The lake was topped with lots of frozen snow perfect for building forts.  As you can see, 7 crazy cousins had some fun out there!

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Valentine’s Snowshoe

Just some pictures from our Valentine’s Day snowshoe.  We went out into the woods behind our house and went to “the rock,” which is just a rock balanced atop another large rock in the middle of a field.  It is quite pretty and the perfect place to play, climb and slide around before hiking back.  Finn made sure to bring The Hulk and Spiderman on the journey.  Superheros go everywhere these days.  Couldn’t have asked for a better love day than hanging with these two!

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Valentine’s Day

I hope everyone had a love-filled Valentine’s Day.  We had a snow day and while Finn was disappointed in missing the friendship party and sledding day they had scheduled at school, we had a nice day at home with a big snowshoe adventure and heart shaped pizza.

Last week, we got festive with some crafts, making heart shaped window suncatchers using tissue paper and contact paper.  Then, Finn made his Valentines for his class.  We got the kiwi crate valentines which is a lot of fun and he worked very hard to write his name and all his classmate’s names on them.

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