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Cookie Clubhouse

Our Parks and Rec department has started offering cookie clubhouse to Preschoolers again this winter.  Essentially, they open the town hall and have a variety of activities like dancing and tunnels and coloring and the kids can run crazy in the open room.  Then, they have some sort of baking and/or cookie decorating fun at the end.  It is a wonderful free program during these winter days where it is two degrees outside with a high of 12 degrees projected.  It gets us out of the house and a bit of exercise when it is just too darn cold to contemplate snowshoeing or sledding.  Here are a couple of blurry pics that a friend sent me from last week’s cookie clubhouse.  You can still see some seriously happy kids!

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Balance Bike

Two days ago, it was in the 40s and the streets were clear of ice and snow, so we dragged out the bikes.  Josette is now tall enough to use Finn’s balance bike and she is thrilled to have a bike of her own to try to chase Finn.  She did quite well working on her balance and I think come spring, she will pick it up quite quickly.  For now, we got 8 inches of snow yesterday and we are back to our regularly scheduled winter.

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The warm weather is melting the snow quickly.  I have been sad to see it go, but the warm sun has felt awfully nice and we have been outside a lot more lately.   With the melting snow, there has been lots and lots of mud.  And while, I could do without the mud tracked across my floors every day (my left arm for a mud room), Finn and Josie have embraced the mud as the perfect place to play pirates.  And, the chickens are quite pleased with all the open grass area again.

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Must Climb

The weather this winter has been pretty wacky.  We went through quite a cold snap and now we are in a heat wave (highs in the 40s).  When the cold finally broke, we were so excited to get outside and just explore and play.  This is the first day out when there was still a lot of snow and Finn and Josie had to find every tree they could possibly try to climb.  We have been out every day and we are watching the snow melt.  It really feels like spring and mud season and I have to remind myself it is only January.  I wonder what the winter has left in store for us, but for now we will definitely get out and climb!

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All in a (WARM) Snow Day

After the few days of bitter cold, we were blessed with the most beautiful winter day yesterday.  It was a perfect day to end the winter holidays.  We headed straight to the pond with skiis and ice skates packed and ready.  We started off with a ski across the pond.  Finn did a bit of skiing while Sean pulled Josette in a sled.  Then, we Finn got tired and the sled ride was too much to resist, he climbed in the sled too.  Luckily, pulling close around 80 lbs or more slows Sean down a bit and I was able to keep up with and even pass him at times as we made it all the way across the pond and back.  The air was cool and the sun was warm and the views were lovely.  After that adventure, we couldn’t pass up the ice that Papa cleared for skating.  And just as we went to get our skates, lots of cousins and friends showed up for the fun.  The guys got to clearing more ice and Aunt Carrie found some double bladed skates that fit Josette she independently ran around the rink with her cousin Gracie.  Finn still hesitates to try skating, but you can catch him in the video having plenty of fun chasing folks around and pelting them with snowballs.  And, now as I write this it is pouring rain and quite miserable.  It makes yesterday seem that much more wonderful.

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We had a snow storm come through New England last night and Finn had his first snow day from school which extended our winter vacation.  As I look out the window, there is a beautiful blanket of new snow and the sun is shining and the sky is clear.  I want to be out there sledding and skiing and snowshoeing and reveling in the winter beauty.  Unfortunately, it is COLD, currently reported as feeling like -4 degrees F.  Just stepping out to water and feed the chickens and walk Lily felt bitter and miserable (btw those chickens are amazing!).  So, we have been housebound just trying to keep the fires going.  We have been trying to stay busy, which is pretty difficult for some seriously active kiddos.

We began the morning by building a marble run out of cardboard and wrapping paper tubes left over from Christmas.  I saw this project on the kiwi crate diy blog.  It was a lot of fun and great for troubleshooting problems as we figured out how best to get the marbles all the way through the chutes.  We spent a lot of time working on it and enjoying watching the marbles on the track.  Then, it became quite fun to see multiple marbles making the trip at one time.  And, as you can imagine it quickly devolved into a game Finn dubbed, “marble rain.”

I haven’t had much time to bake lately and with it being so cold, I figured having the oven on was a good idea so we decided to make bread, and then some more bread, and then, well, even more bread.  We are stocked up for several weeks with 4 loaves of “Sadie’s Super Seedy Bread” and 4 loaves of whole wheat peasant bread.  It certainly warmed the house and the smell of freshly baked bread is so cozy.

Then, we read some books.  Then we listened to stories and colored.  Then, we did some painting.  Then, we watched some TV.  Then, we put away all the laundry.

Now, the kids are having a blast playing with shaving cream.  Pirates and cars running through big mounds of shaving cream and then diving into a pot of water has proven to be quite entertaining…and increasingly messy.

Still, we are only at 3:17 on a long snow day and I am wondering how we will fill these final hours before dinner.

How does everyone else out there approach house bound days?

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Happy New Year Tamales

Sean and I love rolling tamales.  It is such fun and they are just so good.  Well, for about 5 years now (coincidentally since having children), we have intended to begin the tradition of rolling tamales for Christmas eve.  You do have to start somewhere with a tradition, and then of course, you have to keep it up to really keep in in the tradition category.  Well, every year, we think we will do it and then every year we are just a bit overwhelmed with holidays and last minute gift making and tamales are the first thing to get punted off the list.  This year, we were actually in a really good place on the Christmas front and we thought for sure we would get our tamales in, only to be thwarted once again by late shipping on the corn husks; you just can’t go buy dried corn husks in NH (go figure), so I had ordered them on Amazon (where you can get anything).  Alas, we finally actually managed to roll the tamales we have been talking about for 5 years on New Years Day!  What a way to kick of 2014!  I kinda feel like we can accomplish anything this year after some seriously yummy tamales.  Josette was eager to help us in the process too.  I hope we can establish this tradition for many years to come.  Happy New Year my friends and family!  Thank you for following our adventures big and small on the blog!

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