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Winter Wonderland

We got our first big snowfall of the season over the weekend.  We awoke to about a foot on Sunday morning and the kids could not have been more thrilled.  Finn got very angry that we insisted on breakfast (at 6:30am) before going out into the snow.  After breakfast, he and Sean went to shovel all the paths; to the mailbox, to the driveway, to the chicken coop.  While shoveling, they built a series of snow forts around the yard.  We had many snowball battles and Josette held her own in these.  We also enjoyed some serious sledding in the morning and afternoon.  The powder was so much fun and Finn kept asking to build jumps higher and higher.  It is absolutely beautiful out there and we are looking forward to a White Christmas!


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Felt & Button Stars

Yet more crafting here for Christmas.  I saw an easy pattern to make felt stars and decorate them with buttons.  First, at the craft store, I was looking for some white buttons only to realize that you can buy buttons by the pound for much cheaper than a small bag of white buttons.  We have had a lot of  fun sorting and scooping and playing with buttons lately.  We made the stars yesterday and instead of sewing them, we just used hot glue.  I thought the kids would like to make one each, but Finn ended up making three as he was enjoying it so much.  Then, they hung them upon the tree.  I thought it was really cute that they independently each hung them next to some ornaments we made awhile ago with their pictures on them.  I thought I would include a picture of our 2013 tree.  I took pictures of our cutting adventure in the White Mountains, only to realize I didn’t actually have my memory card in the camera and the pictures are stuck on the actual camera because I can’t find the USB cord (gah, technology).

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Potato Print Presents

We like to put our own spin on Martha Stewart around here.  I saw her do some beautiful potato print wrapping paper and decided that would be a great kiddo craft.  We found blank wrapping paper at the dollar store and carved out some potatoes in the shape of a snowman, a tree, an ornament, and a star.  We rolled out the paper on the floor and got to printing in our pjs.  Good fun for a cold day and now we have homemade wrapping paper for our Christmas presents.  After we did the wrapping paper, Finn excitedly asked to make Christmas cards too.

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Finn and Josie have been asking almost daily since December began, “When will winter start?  When will we get snow?  When can we have a snowball fight and go sledding?”  So, finally, we got a snow of around 1 inch and we just had to go sledding.  The snow was good and wet and we got a slick track really quickly.  The kids couldn’t get enough.  After every run, “Can I go again?”  They did some solo runs, but loved going together on the little saucer.  And, Lily would run right after them and try to grab the sled.  It is now 8am and they are asking to get their snowsuits on over their PJs so we can go sledding again.  So, off we go….

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Orange Pomanders

Oranges studded with cloves and dressed with ribbon; a lovely decoration and they smell divine.  Plus, the kids seemed to get a lot of satisfaction out of poking the orange.  I was also impressed with Josette’s fine motor to put the cloves into the holes.  After a few, they turned to poking the oranges and sucking out the juice.  Yum!

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Decking the Halls

Right after Thanksgiving, we jumped  into the Christmas spirit.  The carols have been blaring and we have been decorating.  On December 1st, Briar Rose, our elf, flew in from the North Pole and put up our Advent Calendar (or candy hanger as Finn likes to call it).  We put up lights outside for the first time and we have been putting up lights and cheer inside too.  You know  I am a sucker for Pinterest projects and I cleared a shelf in the library on holiday crafts so I have a full list of fun activities leading up to the big day.  We started with pasta snowflakes which were a really big hit.  Both Finn and Josie had a blast gluing wagon wheels together and then decorating them with snowy glitter.  We hung them up along one of our beams and I daresay our home is beginning to look like a scene in Elf (a christmas favorite movie).  Stay tuned for more fun through December!

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Thanksgiving in CT

We made the trek down to CT for Thanksgiving this year.  My Aunt Bev and Uncle Steve have a lovely house on a lake down there.  We have been trying to get down there ever since moving to New England.  Luckily we are finally at a place with kiddos where travel has gotten much easier.  We had an absolutely wonderful time.  My Aunt Kelley and Uncle Dave had made the trip from Phoenix and we got to visit with my cousin Aaron and his fiance.  We enjoyed exploring the area outdoors with tree climbing, rock climbing, and skipping rocks in the lake.  Then, we had a large and delicious Thanksgiving feast.  Family, friends, food…we were very thankful!

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