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Lazy and Legos

October was a wonderful month, but it felt jam-packed with activity from the trip to Mexico to coming home and preparing for Halloween and Finn’s birthday and juggling all the new stuff that comes with having a kiddo in preschool, plus  the stuff to get done to prepare for the winter.  Well, it felt a little overwhelming.  This past week, I have been embracing a bit of downtime before ramping back up for the Thanksgiving and Christmas rush.  So, our days have been pretty laid back.  I have been known to go running at 5 am, only to come home and slip back into my pjs and play until 9 am in front of the wood fire with the kids.  We are reveling in lazy.  It has been helpful to have some fun birthday toys to enjoy and all of us have been in lego world lately.  We glued some lego base mats to a table and Finn is often around this table building and creating and playing with the little figures.  He is so very good at sharing with Josette and I have also found myself immersed in building.  I don’t know why we waited this long to get into legoing, but I am so happy to have this as our focus for some lazy times.

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Finnbar is FIVE!   Yes, FIVE!  I wish I could eloquently put into words how truly blessed I feel to have this vibrant, curious, fun, crazy, and, yes, challenging kiddo in my life.  There is never a dull moment and I love watching as he grows and explores and shows me new and interesting ways to look at the world.  Happy, Happy Birthday, Finn!

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We had a wonderful celebration on his birthday with friends and family.  It was the usual cake and ice cream and presents and playing with cousins.  Good, good stuff.  Legos were prominent in the gifts and Finn has been bent over instruction booklets and assembling ever since.  What fun!

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Happy Halloween

Izzy the Pirate, Batman, Superman, Captain Hook (sort of), and, of course, Batdog went trick-or-treating on a bit rainy, but otherwise pleasant Halloween night.

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