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Edible Popcorn Paint

Need a snack?  Need a project?  Well, edible popcorn paint can extend snack time and make for some fun art.  Mix a bit of milk with some powdered sugar and food coloring and paint and snack away!

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Preschool Fall Art Sample

We are finally getting used to the preschool routine.  Finn likes some aspects and struggles with others, which I suppose is pretty much how the learning process goes.  He does feel very proud whenever he comes home with a new craft or art project and I have seen a lot of development in how he approaches drawing and coloring.  I am not sure how best to handle the plethora of art that we have, but I thought it would be nice to take photos and on occasion give a little virtual art show.  So, here is the Fall sample of art.  I am quite partial to “Leaf Man.”

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Oh, these chickens of ours are endlessly amusing.  Now that it is getting darker earlier and earlier, the chickens are ready to roost for the night before our dinner time.  So, one of Finn’s duties is to go out and help close up the chickens before we eat.  We have been letting them fully free range since closing down the garden and they enjoy exploring outdoors all day and finding their way back to the coop in the evening.  Our coop is divided into the chicken coop space and a storage area where we keep food and pine shavings and gardening tools.  We put the wagon in the back and as it turns out many of the chickens think this is a nice place to roost.  Finn’s job has been to move these chickens back to their coop and he thinks this is the best job ever.  He looks like a falconeer with chickens as he picks them up, put them on his arm and carries them to their proper roost.  He was thrilled to show off his skills for the camera one evening.

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Pinecone Painting

With extra pinecones after the turkeys (which are becoming increasingly silly and hiding in crazy places everyday), we got out the paints and paper and did some painting.  On pinterest, I am always seeing these activities under the category of sensory play and some of them seem just overly silly like people are trying too hard to be creative (like painting with cooked spaghetti), but lo and behold, if you add an extra element to painting if does hold some more fun.  Maybe I will break out the spaghetti next.

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Pinecone Turkeys

Our chickens are still moulting.  Apparently, breeds vary in the time it takes for the process to occur and Ameracaunas fall on the longer end.  So, we are low on eggs, but we certainly have feathers everywhere!  One day, the kids and I went around collecting all the big feathers we could.  Finn is very funny in that he can actually look at a discarded feather and identify the chicken it came from (or at least he says it with a lot of confidence).  So, we had a bowl full of feathers.  A few days later, Finn was out helping Sean with the wood and came back in with a bucket of pinecones he collected.  Well, add some googly eyes and felt beaks and you have yourself a turkey craft!  We had a lot of fun gluing feathers to pinecones and creating a turkey flock.  They just make us giggle.  Finn got the idea to hide them and have a turkey hunt.  So, every day, we have been having lots of turkey hunts taking turns with who hides them.  Sean always hides them at night for Finn and Josette to find in the morning.  I think a new tradition has been born!

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Pumpkin Popsicles

I don’t recall how we got on the subject, but Finn was lamenting that we never had popsicles any more.  I told him that we usually have them when it is hot outside because popsicles are frozen.  He was not convinced on the seasonality of the frozen treat however and it made me think about how to make a seasonal fall popsicle.  Alas, google and pinterest revealed a ton of pumpkin popsicle recipes and we enjoyed a frozen treat warming by the wood fire.

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Not Halloween, but just another day of dress up and pretend play.  The kids are at such a fun age where they want to play, play, play and pretend and they are excited to do it together.  It is typically some sort of mesh of pirates and superheros and usually they are the good guys and I am in the bad guy.  And here they are charging at me:

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