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Pleasant Lake

A good friend invited us to her house that she and her husband have been slowly building over the last 10 years on Pleasant Lake.  They have finally made the move official this summer and are putting the finishing touches on it.  She is so excited to have friends come to enjoy her beautiful spot on the lake here in town.  We enjoyed an end of summer day as one of her daughters geared up to start first grade this week.  Oh, it is hard to see everyone starting school and realize we are starting to switch seasons.  Particularly since, we too, are starting a new schedule as Finn begins preschool next week.  It is going to be a big change in our lazy summer days with the onset of a schedule.  Alas, we had a gorgeous day to soak up the sun and the water with lots of swimming and kayaking.  And, two of the friends there happen to be photographers and shared these photos with us.

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Weekly Garden Post

Our garden is really doing well.  Plants that I thought were going to die, just keep cranking.  We continue to get zucchini and summer squash despite the vine borer.  We are pulling in lots of tomatoes and the canner is working overtime.  And, we had the most fun this week digging a row of potatoes.  There is something really fun about digging in the soil and not knowing what you are going to get.  Finn and Josette absolutely love the thrill of the potato dig (and, really, me too!)  They also love using their shirts to carry the bounty.  We were also very excited to go exploring under the large winter squash leaves and find some enormous squash hiding under there.  I am thinking of entering one into the fair this year!

I was a little sparse on garden pictures this week, but I did take some pictures in the chicken coop to include.  It is our routine to go out in the afternoon and collect all ripe veggies and then to tend to the chickens and collect eggs.  The chickens are doing great, although we do have a couple at the bottom of the pecking order that look a bit rough.  Finn and Josette take extra care of them and make sure they get lots of pets and hugs which our chickens tolerate quite well.

Just last night we had oven roasted potatoes and swiss chard/tomato fritata for dinner.  Everything we ate came from our backyard.  I love that feeling.

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Playing Babies

August 2013 270

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Tree Climber

If you are going to eat an apple, might as well do it in the tree.

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Weekly Garden Post

It seems just last week I was lamenting how slowly everything was growing and anticipating the first tomatoes.  Well, this week, we have piles of tomatoes coming in.  The food dehydrator and the water bath canner have been working overtime.  Add to that a wonderful neighbor giving us bushels of peaches from her tree and plenty of cucumbers and the jars are starting to stack up.  I love the cauldron boiling and the smells of fresh produce and herbs in the kitchen right now and I am so happy for the help of two kids who are always excited to jump in with pleas of, “Can I help?” and “I can do it on me own.”  We are also still getting summer squash despite the vine borer and I am very pleased to see the pole beans flowering and producing late in the summer when I was unsure if they were ever going to.  The winter squash are growing large and I am so hopeful for those.  We are also pulling in some fun hot peppers.  I actually planted a “hot mix” of seeds, so some of them, I am not sure what they are.  I have stuck some in pickle jars and added some to our meals.  I am hoping to get enough to make some hot sauce for the winter.  We do love our hot sauce.  All in all, a pretty great week in the garden.  How is everyone else faring?

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Slack lining

I am sure I have mentioned we have the most fantastic neighbors (second family) in the entire world.  Seriously, these are such wonderful people and we are so very blessed to have moved next to them and been adopted into their family.  We have been enjoying these late summer evenings visiting and grilling and hanging out in our yards.  Jacob, their youngest son, has recently introduced us to his latest sport of choice, slack lining.  A quick google will give you a better overview than I probably could, but it is like tight rope walking although the line is actually webbing with a lot of bounce and give to it.  Thus, you can walk it and balance, but you can also do jumping and tricks.  Jacob strung the slack line up in our yard the other night and made it look easy.  Then, we all tried it and found it to be crazy hard, but also super fun!  Finn has been asking and asking when he will set it up again.  Finn actually did balance on it for a bit on his own.  He and Josette had a lot of fun walking with assistance and experimenting with bouncing.  Sean and I were much less graceful and at one point I found my self being slingshot across the lawn.  I will keep you posted if we get any better.

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Mud Puddle

We went walking and searching for blackberries last week.  The kids quickly lost interest in blackberries when they found a spectacular mud puddle.  Lots of giggles and lots of mud made for a great time, and we still walked out of there with a quart of blackberries.

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