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Weekly Garden

We have certainly been busy this week with the garden.  We got sugar pie pumpkins and greek sweet butternut squash seeds planted.  We put in almost 40 tomato plants: romas, sungolds, better boys and yellow boys.  We put in a ridiculous amount of peppers because in the past, I have not been very successful in getting the seeds to germinate so I planted a lot, but this year we had 100% success and if I have them, I gotta plant them.   I had started some cucumbers and those are coming along nicely, put I haven’t gotten them in the ground yet.  I also started spaghetti squash and a few pumpkin varieties and these are coming up too, so I need a new garden plot stat!  Our peas are growing daily, and all of our kale, spinach, lettuce, and chard are up, but still quite small and needing to be thinned soon.  We are having a lot of beans popping out of the ground.  We have both bush and pole beans this year.  Our asparagus patch is a little strange, with a stalk coming up here and there, but not a lot of growth, so I have decided to stop cutting and let it fern out.  I am hoping it is just still young.  On the upside, we did some good old fashioned bartering with one of our neighbors and got 3lbs of her asparagus in exchange for eggs.  Yum!  We have harvested plenty of herbs this week – chives, mint, and tarragon.  And, we are loving the rhubarb!  The kids harvested quite a bit today coming in at 2lbs 4.8 oz.

Harvest totals thus far:

Asparagus 1lb, 6.3 oz

Rhubarb 7lb, 10.7 oz


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Last Saturday, Sean took the kiddos to the pond for some fishing.  Finn is thrilled to have a new tackle box for the season filled with all sorts of sharp things.  Lily is thrilled to fulfill her role as Labrador Fish Retriever.  Josette is always excited to put a life jacket on.  Win, win all around!

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We had a lot of rain last week and lots of indoor messy activities which had to include dinosaurs.

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We are continuing with the dinosaur play theme these days.  This time we made ooblek (cornstarch and water) and I put in some black food coloring which actually separated into some pretty blues and purples.  Add dinosaurs and you have the La Brea Tar Pits!  It also can become a spa treatment, just ask Josie!

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So, I have to confess, I have been in a bit of a parenting funk lately.  With the onset of spring, I was so happy to get outside that I sort of stopped looking for ideas to inspire our creativity and exploration.  Add to that the overwhelming “to do” lists and Sean’s field season and sibling rivalry and independent two year old and angry four year old and spring colds, and well, I have been having a pretty tough time.  I am desperately trying to come out of that and I know that I need to be a little more consistent in our days and make sure I include some interesting focused activities.  Luckily, I was inspired the other day when I came across fizzy dino tracks.  Finn has been so into reading and learning about dinosaurs lately and this was an easy activity to include his dinosaur toys.  You put a layer of baking soda on a sheet and press the dinosaurs into it.  Then you drop colored vinegar around their feet and enjoy the fizzing reaction.  After that fun is done, you remove the dinosaurs and find fun (“fossilized”) footprints.  It was a good activity to include Josette because she likes to play with figurines and get messy, plus she is still prone to eat whatever we are playing with, so this was safe for ingestion.  Much messy fun was had.

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He is still at it…

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