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Nice fish!


Finnbar and I took a fishing trip to Lucas Pond in Northwood on Saturday to try and pick up a few trout.  They were popping the surface everywhere, but other than a few hits, none were brought into the boat.  Luckily, Finnbar exercised some skills on the warmer water residents along the shoreline, keeping us from getting skunked.  (posted by Sean)

DSCN6772 DSCN6771

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Dust Bath

Our daily routine has evolved to include gardening every afternoon.  This consists of Finn feeding the chickens whatever tidbits he finds around the yard and Josette pulling her shoes off to get in the dirt and me double digging away on our latest garden plot.  Today, Finn let the chickens free range and we were inundated with hens digging through our garden plots and slurping down worms and bugs and having lovely dust baths.  Well, Finn and Josette quickly saw the fun in taking dust baths and mimicked the chickens with great joy by rolling throughout a garden plot and sprinkling dirt on themselves and each other.

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Another beautiful day flying kites in the field.

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Chicken News

The chickens have been enjoying the warmer temps and the new growing grass as much as we have.  I am trying to keep them out of the garden because they like to dig and give themselves dust baths.  The novelty of chickens has not worn away at all for Finn and Josette.  They love to take the chicken scraps out and feed them to the chickens.  Finn would spend hours picking choice grass and plants and bugs for the chickens and feeding them if he could.  Josette asks to get the eggs every day and carry the basket.  She collects them all on her own from the nesting boxes and carefully places them in the basket.  We have surprisingly little breakage.  Lily has accepted the chickens.  She ran out of the house the other day and we had a moment of panic knowing the chickens were out (she does have a record, you know).  We rushed out only to find her gobbling the kitchen scraps up in the midst of the chickens (oh, labradors and their stomachs).  We have found a happy solution to our increasingly aggressive rooster problem.  Remi was a wonderful rooster to have crowing away and he took his role as hen protector very seriously, but after he attacked me repeatedly one day, I just wasn’t into it.  Luckily, our good neighbor wanted another rooster for breeding, so Remi has left the coop to sow his wild oats down the road.  Best of luck to him!

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It is on the List

I am a list maker.  I need lists.  It may be a problem, but it is the only way I can organize my thoughts and get anything done.  As I type this and look around my desk, I see 4 lists.  I may need to make a list of my lists.  One morning this week, we planned to go to the big city of Concord and run some errands, so I sat down at breakfast to make a list.  Finn likes to be a part of discussing my lists and outlining our days.  He was particularly excited on this particular morning because a trip to Concord means we go to our favorite little local Bagel shop.  He wanted to make sure I put that on the list, so I did in bold letters just for him.  A little later, he asks if he can draw on the list.  He then asks how to spell “play ground”  So, you can see his addition to our list of errands – go playground!  It turned out to be a fantastic addition on a beautiful day.  We ran errands around downtown, then took our bagels to go and had a picnic at the local park and playground.  The kids ran around on the extensive castle play structures for quite awhile, and then we had a great time exploring around the lake and spying the monster koi.  Thank goodness for that item on our list.

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Finn’s Snake

Finn took the picture of this little snake sunning near our patio.


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