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Easter Cookies

Yummy spring sugar cookies in the shapes of chicks and bunnies and eggs and two extra sweet kiddos!

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We have been very sick the past week so, but we are finally on the mend and trying to embrace the week before Easter with lots of fun activities.  The sun has been warm (you know, getting to the high 40s) and the snow is melting.  We saw the first signs of bulbs popping up today.  Spring is springing here in NH.  This week we have discovered that an added benefit of having chickens is that you may decorate Easter eggs every day before Easter if you are so inclined.  And, let me say, Finn is just so inclined.  We have been decorating Easter eggs in every way imaginable for the past few days.  Finn and Sean started this past weekend with a marbling technique.  Then, a couple of days ago, Finn and I blew out a dozen eggs and Finn got quite experimental with various colors and ingredients to color the eggs (and we had frittata for dinner and I made a bunch of quiche for the freezer).  We made an Easter tree with a branch from the brush pile and we hooked pipe cleaners into the blown out eggs to hang them.  Add some hand-print flower paper crafts to the windows, and we have quite a festive spring display.   And, just today, we hard boiled a bunch of eggs and used crayons to melt wax on to decorate the eggs.  This was a lot of fun – when the eggs come out of the boiling water, we cooled them slightly with cold water, but while they were still hot, we colored them with crayons and the wax got all melty on the eggs.  I had the kids wear gloves to protect their hands.  Next up this week, Easter cookies and rice krispie Easter baskets!

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Finn’s Fort

A quick table fort led to a nice afternoon of play.

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Crystal Shamrocks

For our St. Patrick’s Day decorations we decided to try to make crystal shamrocks, found at this blog.  I have seen this idea for a variety of shapes and holiday themes.  Finn and I had fun shaping up some shamrocks from pipe cleaners, while Josette just demanded to use the colander for her own pipe cleaner fun.  Then, we measured out the borax, added the water and food coloring and waited for our crystals to form.  Within just a few hours, the pipe cleaners were crusted with crystals, but we let them stay in the solution over night.  The next day, we had fun decorating the windows with window crayons, coffee filter shamrocks, and our hanging crystals.

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Syrup Time

We spent the weekend playing and hiking while the sap boiled away for the fist batch of maple syrup.  We had  a blast and the syrup produced has been in high demand.  Yum!

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Friday was a magnificent day for a snowshoe and Finn led us on an adventure through the woods as he tracked monsters and inspected rocks and even followed a flock of turkeys.  I am so unbelievably lucky to experience these moments.

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