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Beautiful Snow

Just when I thought I was getting tired of the white stuff and yearning for spring, we got the most beautiful snow this weekend.  It was a heavy, wet snow and it loaded down the trees.  Everything was dripping in sparkling snow and it was simply breathtaking.  We enjoyed a long snowshoe hike with lots of snowball fights and exploring in the woods.  We found a swamp area with cattails topped with snow and large fields with snowy maple trees.  We climbed logs and rested in pillows of snow.  It was truly magical and I was so happy to breath the fresh air, relish the pure snow, and immerse myself in the joy of spending time with my family.  Now, I am off to Ohio…..

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Cardboard Creations

I saw this on Pinterest, but then forgot to pin, so I don’t know the name of it.  It is a diy of a toy.  You take cardboard and cut a bunch of squares and then you cut notches into them so they fit together and you can build with them.  You can decorate them too.  It was a nice activity, although Finn felt some frustration in not being able to build things in the way he wanted them to work.

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Ready for Mud

The temperatures have been fluctuating a bit here and one day things will begin to thaw, while the next it is all frozen again.  Last week, when we got out of the car, we were greeted by puddles and mud, which thrilled Finn and Josette to no end.  we spend a lot of time in the driveway running in the mud.  We are really itching for spring and mud season!

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Cookie Clubhouse

Our town is little, but they really try hard to have a nice parks and rec department.  This year, they began several fun events focusing on toddlers and preschoolers.  One of them is the Cookie Clubhouse, every Thursday, and it is actually free.  Every Thursday, they open the town hall and have a variety of fun play areas set up for kids.  Then, they play music and the head of parks and rec leads some dancing, often to tunes by the Wiggles.  Then, they have some sort of cookie decorating or baking for the kids to do.  The first week, we just decorated cookies.  The following week, we mushed together rice crispie treats and decorated those.  One week, we made apple lady bug treats, and another week, we made chocolate chip cookies.  And last week, for Valentine’s Day, the kids made cup cakes and then decorated them.  It is really a nice program and we look forward to it every Thursday.  We are starting to know the kids and their parents and Finn and Josette look forward to running amok and eating treats.  Also, every week, I get an email with pictures and updates for the next week.  Below are some of the collages that are sent to me and some pictures of my own from last week.

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Jumping through Hoops

I have spent the last week maniacally making last minute edits and living in a general state of panic as my defense date gets closer and closer.  On Saturday, I submitted the final draft to my committee and this week, I get to put my p0werpoint presentation together and prepare as much as I can.  In between these hoops, we have been enjoying the hula variety a lot more….

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Coop Fever

Well, it seems the chickens are feeling a bit cooped up, if you will.  They are bored with their coop, but still not wanting to hang out in much snow.  So, every night when Sean comes home and opens the door to the coop to collect the eggs, they all make a run (or flight) for it, only to peck around the coop where we have shoveled.  Interestingly, if they fly too far and land in the deep snow, they just sit there until you pluck them up and put them on more solid ground.  Silly chickens.  As you can imagine, the kids love to see the chickens out and about and we all enjoy a good chicken pet or hug, here and there.

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Snow Shoeing and Sledding

Thank you, Nemo!  The snow is fantastic.

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