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Ski at Dusk


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A simple colander

It is challenging finding projects to interest a 20-month-old.  Most of the projects I organize are for Finn, and Josette just plays with the materials as she can.  This project was just for her.  Take a colander and some pipe cleaners and there will be plenty of fun.  I was impressed with how long she was interested in trying to put the pipe cleaners in the colander holes.  We left the colander and pipe cleaners on the table throughout the day and we all realized that it is really fun to put in pipe cleaners and sculpt them.  Josette figured out how to put each end of one pipe cleaner in to make a loop.  Finn liked to see how many he could slip inside and surprise us.  What a fun and easy activity!

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Snow Play Everyday!

I am a firm believer that no matter the weather, we need to get outside and play everyday.  We are even successful in that about 99% of the time.  Luckily, Finn and Josette embrace this wholeheartedly and enjoy the outdoors- rain or shine, and, especially snow!  Finn loves a good snowball fight and Josette loves whatever gets her brother giggling, so lately, we will go outside and start running around and hurling snow at each other.  Josette requires a snowball in her hand and likes to run around exclaiming, “snowball, fight!”  She recently discovered that snowballs are not only for throwing, but also make a good snack.  We also try to get a walk in everyday, even if it is just a shorty down the private road near us.  Our neighbors have a few trails through their backwoods and don’t mind our exploring.  Whenever Josette sees a big rock, she wants to be on top of it.  Not to be out done, Finn climbs of bigger rocks and shouts, “look at me!”

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One cold morning, looking for something to do, I was inspired by the empty oatmeal containers I had to try to fashion some stilts for Finn.  It was a pretty funny scene.  Finn did well trying to walk around, but realized it was difficult to balance.  The oatmeal containers really weren’t sturdy enough and I think some large plastic yogurt containers would be better next time.

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Scenes from Ice Fishing

Alas, I was stuck writing this weekend, but the rest of the family headed out for the first ice fishing adventure of the season.  Here are the pictures that were emailed to me while I was working, making me wish so much I could be out there…soon enough.

Here is Carrie’s post about the fun too.

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Our Snowman

From the moment is snowed, Finn wanted to make a snowman.  Unfortunately, we didn’t do it that first day, and then it got too cold for the snow to hold together well.  But, it has been warm lately, and the first day that the snow became wet enough last week, we made our snowman.  I ended up doing most of the snow rolling, but Finn loved decorating.  Josette just ran around a lot, until we put the sticks into the snowman and she realized this was a pretty cool thing.  Once our snowman began to melt, Finn tackled him and now likes to jump on top of the base and jump off.  We have lots of grass poking up right now, so we anxiously await the next storm when Frosty can join us again.

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Ice Sun Catcher

We made some lovely winter sun catchers with ice.  We tried two different methods.  The first was to freeze the water for an hour and then put different drops of food coloring on it and freeze again until solid.  The second was to make different colored ice cubes and put those into the water and freeze until solid.  They both came out quite nice.  They lasted for several days until we got a warm spell and melted.

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