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Chilly Chickens

So, how did the chickens cope with sub-zero temps last week?  Just fine!  What amazing birds, these chickens just huddle together in the coop and had no issues what-so-ever.  They kept up with the eggs, too.  We try to give them lots of food scraps to keep them busy and entertained while coop-bound because, while they are super cold-hardy, they are snow weary indeed.  They really don’t seem to want to venture into the white stuff, even when we tried to coax them out with food treats.  A couple of the hens ventured out, but remained on the ramp or in the area by the coop that was snow-free, then Remi the rooster reluctantly came out to fullfil his role as hen-protector, but you could tell he wasn’t pleased.

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Ice Bocce

The weather has warmed a bit so we are spending much more time outside.  It just keeps us so much happier to get that fresh air and exercise.  We played some silly games of ice bocce the other day.  We made colored ice marbles by freezing water balloons with food coloring in them.  Then we took them outside and removed the balloons.  We came up with all sorts of games to play with them.  Finn enjoys making up rules to games and describing elaborate scenarios one must complete to win.  Josette, as usual, was just happy to run around and throw them.  And, you can see Lily reveling in the newly falling snow in one of the pictures too.

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Pipe Cleaner Bugs

Finn likes to check out the activity books at the library these days and he was instantly drawn to the project to make pipe cleaner bugs.  You take corrugated cardboard, cut bug shapes out of it and paint and decorate it as you want, then  you slip pipe cleaners through the corrugated holes to make legs and antennae.  Josette still would rather paint herself during these kinds of projects.  And Finn has taken to photo-bombing whenever I pull out the camera these days.

DSCN5956 DSCN5955

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Frozen Bubbles

Last week was bitter, bitter cold here with highs in the single digits.  Yet, we were going crazy indoors.  I had always heard that blowing bubbles in freezing weather is really fun and so trooped outside with our bubble mix and a variety of wands.  First, it is difficult to blow bubbles with mittens on.  We would blow the bubbles and they would go flying off into the wind and then when they burst, it would look like flakes floating away.  Then, when we would catch the bubbles on the wand, you could actually watch the crystals of ice form around the bubble.  Then, when you popped it, it was just a frozen bit dangling from the wand.  Pretty cool stuff.  We tried the colored bubbles, but couldn’t get it to work very well.  The kids liked how the colored bubbles popped on the snow and made a mark though.  Definitely worth doing again when in need of some freezing entertainment.

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Can you tell we love Kiwi Crate?  If only I had come up with that business plan!  This month, the theme was, “Family Game Night” which is spectacular as Finn loves playing games, over and over and over again.  We play a ton of Candyland and Chutes and Ladders and Matching and Eric Carle’s ABC game.

And now, in Kiwi Crate, Finn got to make his own game, from coloring the board and gluing on the squares and decorating the game pieces and making the die.  He loves it and we have played it a lot!  Plus, these days, Josette wants to do anything her brother does and she will sneak in and play the game when left on the table.

The second project was to make a game called, “Comet Ball.”  This was a combination of ski ball and bingo.  Finn got to make a flying ball and rings to toss it in and then you use bingo cards to keep score.  This was a great activity during this cold spell we have had and both kids could happily run around and throw the ball.  It  had a lot of open-ended play options where you could place the rings in different positions around the house and make all sorts of goals for the game.  Once again, Kiwi crate rocks!

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Pull, Lily!


It is COLD in NH right now and despite my previous rule about getting outside for play everyday, we have been spending a lot of time indoors as close to the wood stove as possible.  This makes for long days with active kids and even a labrador in need of exercise.  Best to put the two together!

DSCN5926 DSCN5928

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I realized I forgot to post about the second part of the December Kiwi crate.  It was an art project on making aurora postcards.  They include several post cards with oil pastels and watercolors.  Finn really liked that he got special oil pastels that only he could use and it was fun to experiment with blending them with watercolors.  I have enjoyed watching Finn’s interest in art develop lately.  He is much more apt to sit and work on projects and he is very detail oriented.

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