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Snow is here!

On Christmas day, we got a little dusting of snow, but we were lamenting how mild the winter was with no snow and no ice.  Well, the weather gods must have heard because we got some beautiful snow dumped on us this week and we have embraced every snow sport.  Finn got some cross country skis for Christmas and he was anxious to try them out.  On the first day we went out, the snow was still coming down and it was really windy.  I wasn’t really sure how to help him while carrying Josette, but that kiddo just put on those skis and went for it.  He really tried to dig in with his poles and slide his skis.  He fell several times, but got right back up to keep trying.  We lasted for about 10 minutes that first day.  The next day, the sun came out and I put Josette in the backpack and put on my skis to make a track around the yard.  This was a great success.  Finn could easily slide his skis through the tracks.  He still had a hard time with the poles and he finally just put those down and started making good progress around the yard.  We had some fun games of “catch me.”  We have been sledding every day, and often several times a day since it snowed.  It is Josette’s first time sledding and she loves it, repeating, “My turn” and “Again” after every run.  And, this deep snow has given us great opportunity to get the snow shoes out and go exploring.  Finn likes running around on his shoes.  We had a wonderful family adventure yesterday through the woods behind out neighbors.  So glad to have winter here!


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Christmas Day

We had a wonderful Christmas day, jam-packed full of excitement, laughter, family, gifts, food, and fun.  We woke up to many surprises from Santa.  Finn got a playmobil police car and bonus motorcycle and Josette got a play pizza.  As it turns out, police like pizza so these toys can interact!  Then, we moved on to stockings, where Josette found a candy cane and wouldn’t give it up through all of gift opening.  Thus, those pictures have her sucking on her peppermint stick the whole time!  Sean and I got the kiddos some nice winter helmets for skiing and ice skating in anticipation of the crazy family ice fishing trips.  These were actually a big hit and Josette wouldn’t take hers off the whole time.  She also was particularly fond of her sunglasses.  Then, she cuddled her velveteen rabbit and a rubber duck all morning.  It was all we could do to get her to put things down for breakfast, and even then, the helmet stayed on!  Finn was so excited this year and eager to help open everyone’s gifts.  After gift exchanging, we enjoyed our traditional pulla (Finnish cardamom bread) with orange butter and had a relaxing morning playing and preparing for joining all of Sean’s family at Nana and Papa’s house.  We had some wonderful visiting and playing outdoors when we arrived.  Then, we all exchanged gifts and reveled in the excitement and joy of seven little ones unwrapping gifts around the tree.  I hope everyone had such joyful holidays spent with loved ones!  I very much missed all our family and friends around the globe!

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Gingerbread House

Finn and I waited until a Josette nap time to decorate the gingerbread house that we cut out.  I have to confess that I used the glue gun to put the pieces together.  Much quicker and easier that way and you can’t tell in the end.  We had a lot of fun decorating.  Finn definitely ate a lot of the candy, but I was really impressed with how much he wanted to decorate and how much he paid attention to the detail.  This will definitely be a tradition.

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Gingerbread Cookies

We had a fun-filled day yesterday of gingerbread cookie baking and decorating.  It was a crazy day, although aren’t they all?  I had envisioned us waking up and having breakfast and then whipping up the cookies.  Then, we would go for a walk and come back and decorate when they were cool.  I thought we would get this done all before lunch and then have naps and relax in the afternoon.  This did not go as planned, as usual!  It all started with my not having a gingerbread man cutout.  Finn had his heart set on actually making gingerbread men (to live in the house in the next post).  I told him we could go borrow them from our neighbors, we just had to get dressed and go.  Well, getting dressed is much more complicated than you might think.  It is tough, because every time you go to get dressed, you get distracted by toys and books and general mayhem-making.  Not to mention, you may really start to think about getting dressed, but then your little sister gets distracted by toys or books or general mayhem-making and you can’t just let that go without jumping in and escalating the mayhem-making.  Then, you realize you must brush your teeth and floss, which is a whole ordeal on its own.  Then, you FINALLY get dressed and realize you must use the bathroom, and this requires total clothing removal.  And, your little sister must follow in your footsteps, “My turn,” which also requires complete disrobing and diaper removal.  Then, it really is just too much fun to run naked around the house singing, “Jingle Bells, Batman Smells…” and getting your little sister to chase you.  Thus it was already late morning before we all got out of the house and to the neighbors only to find that they had left (how dare they!) and we still had not gingerbread man cookie cutter.  So, after much attempt at negotiation (“surely, christmas tree cutouts would be suffiecient?!?”), we realized that we had to have a gingerbread cookie cutter.  Good friend Amy to the rescue.  We pile into the car to drive to Amy’s to get her cookie cutters.  Bless Amy, not only did she lend us an array of gingerbread men, angles, bears, and snowmen cutters, but also piled a bag full of pre-made frosting and sprinkles.  I had envisioned making frosting and given we were already in midday, there was no way I was going to pull this all off without this help.  We made our way home and got to mixing.  We baked and then took Lily for a walk and then came back for decorating.  Much fun was had.  Many treats were eaten.  A giant mess was made.  We also cut out the pieces for a gingerbread house which Finn and I decorated today.  Post to come.

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DSCN5592 DSCN5591

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Chicken News

It has been awhile since I blogged about the chickens.  They are doing just great.  We are really in the eggs now, bringing in 6 to 11 everyday.  We are enjoying plenty of quiche and other egg dishes and we have been sharing them with friends.  We already got some folks hooked and have some buyers lined up too.  We still love to go out and check on the chickens, bring them food scraps and see how many and what color eggs are waiting for us.  Most of the hens are laying green/blue eggs, but we have about 3 that are yielding pink eggs.  And, as you can see, Finn still loves a good chicken hug.

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Yankee Swap

Yankee Swaps are big out here in New England and every year we enjoy getting together with extended family and eating, drinking, being merry, and swapping gifts.  Here is a random set of pics taken by cousin Meggin and shared with us as I forgot to take out my camera.

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