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Shaving Cream Paint

I once read one of those inspirational parent posters that stated something along the lines of, “If the kids are fussy, put them in water.”  This may be in the top ten of best parenting advice ever.  Seriously, a warm bath and some toys cures a whole lot.  The day after Thanksgiving, Josette and Finn were overtired and cranky and we still had a few long hours until dinner and bedtime.  After a few total meltdowns by both me and the kiddos, it was straight to the bath with some shaving cream paint and the backdrop of some very loud Christmas tunes.  Fun was had and sanity was restored!

Josette covered in shaving cream paint.

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Here is our first post on wordpress!  It is a lovely blogging site and it seems to have a lot more options than blogger, but for me, that means it is that much more difficult to figure out – so bear with me.  Here are some photos from our wonderful Thanksgiving day.  We celebrated this thankful season with a gratitude tree this year.  We took some branches and put them in a vase and Finn cut leaves from construction paper.  Almost every evening leading to Thanksgiving, we each talked about and wrote down what we were thankful for.  Here are some of our entries:

  • Family
  • Good Neighbors
  • Our House
  • Snow
  • Board Games
  • Dirt
  • Warm Fires
  • Target Shooters
  • Homemade Cookies
  • Lots of tasting while making cookies
  • Colors
  • Fresh Blue Eggs
  • Artwork Box
  • Mac n’ Cheese
  • Dirt
  • Travel
  • Big Finnbar Hugs
  • Daddy
  • Josie Bean
  • Drawing on the Chalkboard
  • Colors
  • Zooming Race Cars
  • Laughter
  • Balloons
  • Books
  • Artwork Box
  • Watching Movies

We are obviously incredibly blessed and full of gratitude.  It was wonderful to hear Finn’s excitement in naming things that he was thankful for and we just took some guesses for Josette.

We had a wonderful dinner with our family on Thanksgiving Day.

In this new format, you can click on the photos and go to a slide show.  Feel free to try out the comments on this new blog and let me know what you think!

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