Several of you have said that this is still a site that you enjoy visiting and as I kept thinking about it and thinking about it, I realized it is pretty important to me.  So, I have decided to cheat the system and start a new free blog on wordpress to keep going.  To continue to follow our adventures, please bookmark https://deerfieldfun.wordpress.com/  Our first post on that site is now up.  See you there!

To Blog or Not to Blog

Well, just as I was getting back into the habit of blogging, I reached my free space limit on wordpress and I am unable to load more pictures.  So, here I sit and think about the role of this blog in our lives and if it is something I would like to continue.  I am hesitant to give it up as I love going back and looking at our activities during each season of past years, but I wonder if I will continue to maintain the blog as we grow and get busier.  What do you think, my readers?  Are you still visiting?  Still interested in peaking in on our adventures?

Mother’s Day was projected to be 85 degrees.  Ever since ice out, the kiddos have been wanting to go swimming.  We have been hesitant to test the water temp, but we decided to go for it this weekend.  We packed a picnic and headed to the pond.  The water temp was actually refreshing in the heat and we spent much of the day swimming, kayaking, and fishing.  Then, we headed home and roasted hot dogs over the fire outside.  What a contrast to the winter weather we thought would never ever leave us.  I was filled with love throughout the day and feeling so blessed to be the mama to these energetic, funny, generous and loving kids.  Happy Mother’s Day!

Josie Bean is Four!

We celebrated Josie’s fourth birthday this weekend and it was an absolutely gorgeous day.  She had been anticipating her birthday for quite awhile as she watched many of her friends at school turn 4 before her.  She was counting the days and she was very specific of what she would like for her party:  a party dress, streamers, and a pinata – but, NO BALLOONS, because balloons pop! We were so lucky to have gorgeous weather to enjoy an outdoor butterfly garden party.  The kids got to run and play outdoors for the whole afternoon. It was a joy to watch Josie have so much fun with her cousins and friends.  I am certain that four is going to be filled with fun!

I have been absent from this blog for quite a while, and I am sorry I have let it lapse.  This blog has always just been a space where I have chronicled our adventures big and small and highlighted the joyful moments in our life for family and friends near and far.  This past February, we took off on another wonderful adventure to Phoenix and Mexico to celebrate a wedding and spend time with family and I looked forward to sharing the pictures and our fun times on this blog.  However, soon after our return from that trip, my grandmaman, Josette, passed away.  I haven’t been in an emotional place to express my sadness and my love for this incredible woman, and yet I felt it wrong to go on blogging about our joyful times when this undercurrent of grief has been with me.  I am still completely lacking the words to do justice to the depth of my love and to adequately describe the role that Grandmaman Josette had in shaping who I am and how much she has inspired me.  She was a woman completely full of a love of life – so full of joy and faith and grace and humor.  A celebration of her life was held in Mexico this past weekend and while we couldn’t attend, we had a some lovely moments spent remembering her here, and so I suppose it right to recognize her in this space too and begin our chronicles of life and love and adventure again.


Let’s Fly

Um, so, another blog post about snow?  Yep!  The problem with all this snow is where to put it?  Our banks were quickly getting over our heads and backing the cars out of the driveway was becoming quite the gamble.  A very sweet neighbor of ours noticed this predicament and brought his front loader over to push back the banks and give us some room to stack even more snow with a new storm on the horizon.  When Finn came home to find some new mountains of snow in our yard, he immediately saw an opportunity to “fly”  He quickly instructed his sister on how to climb up the snow, balance out to the edge with your arms out, and jump.  He specifically told her that this is how you fly.  So, they spent the rest of the afternoon until dinner time leaping off the snow into the 3+feet of fluffy snow below.

Rail Trail Skiing

The snow is deep.  Pretty much every few days there seems to be a storm that comes though and drops over a foot of snow on us.  Playing in the snow is getting challenging.  Luckily, we have a wonderful system of rail trails around here and the snow mobiles pack it down.  This makes for some lovely flat and smooth skiing.  Josette is really starting to get the hang of sliding her skis and using the poles to push.  And Lily is always happy to go along on an adventure.

Snow, and More Snow!

I don’t know if you have heard, but we have some snow in New England.  I don’t know it if is really “historic”, but there is certainly a lot!  We have had plenty of snow days and shoveling.  The kids have made the best of both outside play and stuck inside time.  Snowboarding, sledding, skating, and snow fort building, and even shoveling have been fun activities outside.  Inside has also seen fort building, sock puppets, many games (of which Hearts is now a favorite), and plenty of arts and crafts.

Girl Ice Day

Last Friday, Josie and Lily and I headed to the ice for one last gorgeous day of ice skating.  The sun was shining, the ice was smooth, and we skated and played for hours.  We had the entire lake to ourselves.  It was such a special time for us to spend together and it was truly a magical day.

Ice Jumper Part 2

Finn really likes to work on jumping when skating on our little rink.  Well, it was only a matter of time before Josette joined in….

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